How Live Simple Eco Came To Be

Hi! I’m Joann. The creator and founder of this earth-friendly blog dedicated to helping YOU get into a green routine!

Why am I so obsessed with helping you become eco-friendly?

Because it has changed my life — that’s why!

Let’s see how this all started.

Live Simple Eco Helps You Easily Live Eco-Friendly

What is “living eco friendly” to you?

Is it being passionate about reducing, recycling and reusing? To reconnect with the natural world? Or living a life that is both beneficial for you and the environment?

For me, it was about conservation of the local ecosystems and reducing my carbon footprint. I saw going green simply as a means – a means to help the health of the earth, ourselves, and of future generations. Being eco friendly is the way to live a low impact lifestyle.

Live Simple Eco exits because I am here to pour my heart into helping you achieve the same kind of success I’ve been able to. Yes, you can live a green and eco friendly lifestyle without being overwhelmed or making humongous changes. I am going to help you live a more earth conscious lifestyle. I’ve already helped hundreds get there. 

Let me help you!

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