A Helpful Guide To Transition Your Skin Care To Be More Eco-Friendly. 

When I first started going green it was easy for me to start transitioning to a more zero waste home. 

Use washable and reusable paper towels.

Buy eco-friendly and organic soaps, detergents, and cleaners. 

Start reducing, recycling, and reusing more than I normally would.

But what about my skin care routine?

Here I was, doing the same old same old every day. Using multiple products and throwing bottles in the trash. 

It dawned on me that I was taking time and effort to green my home but I totally skipped my beauty routine. 

To be honest, I didn’t really know where to start.

I am here to help you learn how you can easily green your beauty routine.

Being a holistic esthetician and skin care expert, as well as a nature lover, I love talking about natural skin care. I would love to help you with your green beauty journey. 

Here are seven ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and create a more eco-friendly skin care regimen. 

1. Inspect The Ingredients

Many beauty products contain ingredients that are skin irritants, carcinogens, or endocrine disrupters.

If that wasn’t bad enough, most of these harmful ingredients are also damaging to the environment

  • Wet wipes are blocking the sewage systems and killing marine life
  • Sunscreen could be destroying coral reefs
  • Products with palm oil are causing mass deforestation

So what can you do?

Familiarize yourself with the symbols associated with animal testing and recyclable packaging

Always read the list of ingredients while shopping. It is best to avoid parabens, sodium laureth, plastic microbeads, phthalates, artificial colors, and chemical preservatives. 

Find brands that focus on environmentally responsible and non-harmful ingredients. 

Most natural food stores, local farmers market, or craft fairs support companies that meet eco-friendly standards. 

2. Use Multipurpose Beauty Products

An eco-friendly way to green your beauty routine is to use products that are multiuse.

Meaning, use beauty products that can be used for more than one thing. 

Like, using a face oil for facial oil cleansing and also as your moisturizer. Or use a BB cream that combines a moisturizer with foundation. 

Other multipurpose beauty product ideas are a combination of highlighter and eyeshadow, lip and cheek color, or brow and lash tint.

Buying one product that can do several things, rather than multiple items, helps reduce waste and minimizes resource use for production.

Fewer products mean less packaging, which means less waste.  

3. Be Mindful Of Waste

green beauty in the trash

Look for plastic-free packaging, or if possible, products that aren’t packaged at all.

Look for solid shampoo and conditioner bars and wash with bar soap. 

As more people become concerned with the impact their beauty routine is having on the planet, there are more options becoming available. 

Yay for us! And the planet, and our children, and their children, and…. You get the picture. 

Other low-waste options include using biodegradable toothbrushes, opting for reusable facial pads as opposed to cotton wool, and choosing products encased in metal.

I recently have started using reusable products to help cut down on waste. I am obsessed with my facial scrub towel and reusable cotton rounds. 

The less you have to buy the less waste you create.

4. Less Is More 

Take a more natural approach to skin care and simply use fewer products. 

Do you really need a day cream and a night cream? Two cleansers? 

As a skin care expert, I am going to tell you what I tell my clients. 


Less is more. Always! Even in skin care.

Find one cleanser that works. Use it every time you cleanse. No need for multiple products. Same for moisturizer. Find one your skin likes and use it twice a day. 

In my professional opinion, why you are told to use different products at different times of the day is because the beauty industry wants to make for sales.

Think about the planet, not their pockets, and use less! 

Try to find products that you can use for more than one use. 

Also, consider minimizing your makeup routine. The less you have to use the better for your skin and for the health of the health. You’ll cut down on the number of bottles, tubes, and compacts you throw away. 

5. Try DIY Skin Care

You can find many ingredients that are good for your skin in your kitchen. 

The good news? 

They are as effective as the processed and chemical versions. Sometimes even better!

Yogurt, honey, avocado, sugar, fruits, and oils can all be used to create DIY skin masks, scrubs, moisturizers, and other treatments. 

Using more homemade and natural skin care you’ll be supporting eco-friendly and a waste-free beauty routine. 

6. Recycle The Empty Container

Don’t just throw the empty containers in the trash.

Recycle anything that can be. 

Typically, there will be a 1,2 or 5 within a triangle on the bottle if it can be recycled. 

Most caps can’t be recycled so look for packages that contain all recyclable packaging or look for stores that will recycle them for you. There are companies that create new products from old packaging. 

And go the extra mile to support companies that use recycled materials in their packaging. 

Keep the cycle going! 

7. Give Away Products You No Longer Need

If there are any products that you no longer need or you are trying to pare down, you can donate them.

Contact a local shelter or charity if the product is unopened or gently used so they can be distributed to those in need. 

If you are a going green beginner, you are surely going to start going through and organizing your home. For anything you no longer need, always donate first if you can, before throwing in the trash. 

Conclusion For Natural, Clean, And Green Beauty 

green beauty products

Having a green beauty routine can be easily done.

Take it one step at a time.

Be mindful when you shop and start supporting companies that are passionate about sustainable packaging. 

When you run out of beauty products or supplies, start shopping for reusable and multi-use products to help cut down on waste. 

Oh, and one last thing….

Don’t buy what you won’t use. 

Buy only what you can use at the time to help avoid expired products that will just end up in the trash. 

You got this!

You Can Easily Green Your Beauty Routine With These Helpful Tips

Do you have a green beauty routine? Share in the comments about how you keep your skin care eco-friendly.

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