Your Guide For Replacements of Plastic in Daily Use

Going plastic-free and finding plastic alternatives is a great way to be eco-friendly and create less waste.  

But, it isn’t an easy thing to do because plastic is EVERYWHERE. However, you can make some changes to lower your use of plastic in your daily life.

By all means, take on the plastic-free challenge and have fun with it but if you aren’t ready to go completely plastic-free, I will help you cut down on plastic waste. 

Every little bit helps.  

Keep reading to learn easy tips to start living a plastic-free life with plastic alternatives. 

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Plastic Alternatives You Can Easily Make For A Plastic-Free Life

Here are six ways you can cut down on plastic:

1. Alternatives To Plastic Straws

Reusable Stainless Steel Straw

Straws. Ugh. They are everywhere! It seems you can’t go anywhere without a straw appearing in your glass. 

Straws are a necessity for people with limited mobility, but if you don’t need to use a straw, simply don’t use one or carry one of your own. Or you can kindly ask for no plastic straw when you are ordering your drink.

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2. Alternatives For Plastic Bags

As more places ban plastic bags, finding plastic alternatives for grocery shopping is becoming easier. 

Always strive to bring your own bag while shopping. Keep a tote in your car, your purse or backpack so you won’t have to use plastic bags whenever you shop. 

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3. Plastic Alternatives for Food Storage

Ditch the use of plastic for storing food. Whether it is for to-go lunches, holding snacks, leftovers, and buying in bulk. 

Glass, Pyrex, stainless steel, and reusable baggies all make good options for food storage. 

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4. Alternatives to Plastic Sandwich Bags

Speaking of food storage, I have a thing for baggies. I use them a lot. To help cut down on plastic waste, I have found a solution with reusable baggies. 

You can use these for sandwiches, freezer bags, and storing snacks. 

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5. Alternatives to Plastic Cups

Reusable Stainless Steel Bottle

Going to a party? Getting carry out? Getting coffee to go? Instead of using disposable plastic cups, bring your own reusable cup. 

All to-go cups have plastic lids even if they are made from paper. But, you should also be cutting down on your use of paper as well. 

To go cups, lids, and straws are a major contributor to plastic pollution. So cut down on this unnecessary waste by using reusable cups, mugs, and tumbler. 

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6. Alternatives To Plastic Water Bottles

I recently read somewhere that water bottle distributors aren’t producing water, they are producing and selling plastic. Think about that. 

If you live in the United States, you probably have access to clean, drinkable water. And you can get it without using plastic. 

If drinking tap water isn’t your thing, install a water filter on your faucet. Want to take water on the go? Use a reusable water bottle rather than drinking water out of disposable plastic bottles.

There really isn’t any excuse for buying plastic water bottles. If you are on the go and don’t have a reusable water bottle grab water from a glass water bottle. 

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Ways To Use Less Plastic

Here are some other ways to use less plastic in your daily life:

Use Cleaner Plastics

Going completely plastic-free is not easy and I don’t expect you to try to go completely plastic-free right away. I’m not. 

When you do buy items that use plastic try to use cleaner plastics. Avoid Polyvinyl Chloride (#3 PVC), Polystyrene (#6 PS), & Polycarbonate (#7 Other) which cause more environmental problems than Polyethylene Terephthalate (#1 PET), High-Density Polyethylene (#2 HDPE), Low-Density Polyethylene (#4 LDPE), and Polypropylene (#5 PP). 

You can find the type of plastic on the item. Usually on the bottom. There will be a triangle with a number printed to let you know what type of plastic it is. 

Bring Your Own Dishware

If you plan on going out and know there will be plastic and disposables being used, bring your own cutlery, dishware, and cup with you. 

You can be discreet or flaunt it to help others be aware of how they too can help cut down on waste. You know, if you want.

Carry a flask, stainless steel wine glass, bamboo utensils, and stainless steel dishware when going to a party or event. 

I found a cute stainless steel set that’s sold at camping stores. I traveled with an old set for years while working at National Parks and traveling as a garden designer. Reliable and durable. 

Travel With Your Own Toiletries

Travel Toiletries

It can be fun to try out hotel shampoo, conditioner, and soap but it creates a lot of waste. When traveling, take your own toiletries in reusable travel-size containers. 

Bring Your Own Snacks

When on the go it’s convenient to pop into a convenience store for a quick snack. Not only is this food usually unhealthy for your health, but the plastic containers are also unhealthy for the planet. 

When traveling or on the go, avoid plastic-packaged food by bringing your own snacks in reusable baggies and containers.

Skip Non-Stick Cookware

Non-stick cookware is coated with Teflon or other resins and they give off toxic perfluorochemicals when heated. This isn’t great for your health or for the environment. 

Replace non-stick cookware with stainless steel and cast iron. And if you haven’t used either, I think they help my food tastes better. Seriously!

Stop Eating Convenience Foods

Sigh, this was a hard one for me. I love food but I don’t love cooking. My go-to was popping freezer meals in the microwave. They may have been from healthy food stores but the waste they create isn’t great for the earth. 

Instead of opting for easy frozen meals, set some time aside to meal prep and freeze healthy meals in reusable containers. 

Conclusion For Finding Alternatives to Plastic Waste

Alternatives to Plastic Waste

Cutting out plastic from your life takes some doing but you got this!

Do your best to use plastic-free products when you can and always strive to be plastic-free. These tips will help you go plastic-free more easily.

Remember, every little bit counts on cutting down on waste that goes to landfills and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. 

And if you hear some naysayers say cutting out plastic isn’t enough, ignore them. Just think if you, your friends, their friends, and on and on start making an effort to reduce plastic waste, what a difference that can be made. 

It’s one step at a time. 

You Can Easily Go Plastic Free With These Plastic Substitutes 

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